SphereMD Advantages

  • Rapid Response Times

We will respond right away with confirmation and begin making arrangements. Once we have everything secured and in order, we will revert with a pick-up time. All you have to do is inform the Captain to have the crew member ready and wait to receive paperwork from us. It’s that simple.

  • Coordination and Follow-Through

We will coordinate with transportation, secure appointments, handle prescriptions, and all other aspects of caring for the crewmember. We will revert immediately after the patient has been treated and inform you of their fit for duty status and of any required follow-up.

  • Frequent and Ongoing Updates

Getting patient updates and information from a clinic or hospital can be tricky. Let our doctors talk clinician to clinician and get you up to the hour updates. We will even give report to worried Captains, family members, manning companies, P&I Clubs, or anyone else involved.

  •  Consolidated Invoices

One hospital stay can mean a flood of invoices coming in for months, or in some cases, years. We will collect and review all charges, before submitting one consolidated invoice to you.

  • "The business I have done with SphereMD has gone very well and required little involvement from me. This is a huge plus as it freed me up to focus on other issues and my phone did not ring as much.”
Medical Services Coordination

One call handles it all. We focus on early intervention, quick diagnosis, timely transfers to lower acuity care (as appropriate), and consolidated billing.

Clinical Case Management

When crew require hospitalization, we manage patient cases throughout their stay to ensure cost-effective and appropriate care.

Medical Advice at Sea

Treat patients and keep ships moving. Through medical advice at sea, we can intervene early—at the first sign of trouble—and improve patient outcomes.

Medical Locker

We can inspect and certify medical lockers to ensure they are up-to-date and fully compliant. We can refill medications, restock supplies, get rid of expired medications, and make sure your locker is in compliance with the World Health Organization.

Crew Training Videos and Programs

Efficient and effective training. Our customized health, safety, and security training materials efficiently and effectively inform crews from diverse backgrounds. Our videos and programs cover a spectrum of topics, from mental health concerns to hazard and security assessments.

Global repatriation assistance

Seamless transfer of crew to home country and generally faster discharge from US hospitals through communication between US and foreign care providers.

Medical Billing / Bill Review

Reliable and prompt billing. We promptly process hospital bills, negotiate discounts on your behalf, and consolidate bills into an easy-to-understand format.

Data Management

We offer a robust, customizable data management system focused on crew medical, dental, and health status.

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