20 Dec 2017

Mental Illness in a Shipboard Environment

At any moment, 500 million people worldwide struggle with some sort of mental illness. One in four people will experience psychiatric symptoms at some point in their lives. These symptoms can arise from emotional distress, imbalance in brain chemicals, disease, or physical damage to the brain. Some symptoms of mental illness can include: Feeling sad […]

28 Jul 2017

High Cost Warning

In today’s complex U.S. healthcare market, healthcare facilities regularly seek new ways to serve patients’ needs, meet insurers’ criteria, and follow legal requirements. The rise of primary care clinics, urgent care facilities, and hospital-owned satellite emergency facilities are noticeable and useful additions in communities around the country. They often offer cost savings, quicker service, and, […]

27 May 2017

Charting the Best Course

Advice on Quickly Obtaining Fit for Duty Status in the United States Crew members sometimes need medical care. This surprises no one. Even with the best planning and practices in place, injuries and illnesses occur. Fortunately, ship owners and crew members need not resign themselves to hapless floundering when faced with medical adversity. SphereMD has […]

29 Mar 2017

Care of Foreign Crewman Diagnosed with Tuberculosis in U.S. Ports

Recently, SphereMD has had several active Tuberculosis (TB) cases from mariners entering the U.S. In each case, the patient had advanced active disease with significant respiratory symptoms. These cases all required extended hospitalizations, high expense, and, in one circumstance, a very complicated repatriation. TB History & Risk: Suspected TB in a Mariner: Once TB infection […]

16 Feb 2017

Medical pricing in the United States is NOT regulated.

Compounding matters, U.S. hospitals are entitled to collect 100% from mariners, regardless of nationality. Some new collection companies specifically focus on collecting payments for international medical bills. These companies typically resist discounting. Their policies state that arrangements must be in place before medical services are provided, leaving unprepared ship owners with no recourse. To more […]

20 Dec 2016

Outrageous Medical Costs in U.S. Ports Are Even More Extreme in the U.S. Gulf Area (Texas, Alabama and Louisiana)

Gaining a quick understanding of maritime healthcare can save your company thousands of dollars. Here’s a quick rundown. In the United States, maritime healthcare involves two main groups—healthcare providers and medical service companies. In addition, multiple roles exist within each group. Healthcare Providers Healthcare providers are medical facilities and medical professionals. Medical facilities are hospitals […]